Public Relations

Rally ‘Round The Flag

confederate-battle-flag-800wEveryone associated with My Dixie is committed to gaining widespread acceptance of the Confederate Battle Flag as the banner of people of every race who demand that the Original Intent of the U.S. Constitution be restored in a patient and humane manner, but without unnecessary delay or compromise with the Left and their Democrat and Republican allies.

We expect to preserve the current design of the Mississippi flag, and we expect increasing interest in American and Confederate heroes and heroines, memorials and museums, but that’s not all.

While the popularity of the Confederate Battle Flag increases, we expect to witness increasing respect for truthful American and Confederate history.   We expect rekindled interest in the principles of the American Founding Era, the limited government that sprang from it, and the Confederate States of America that risked everything to create a limited government of its own when that of the United States started its descent into the out-of-control federal tyranny of today.  Finally, we expect Liberty to expand, as people return to the principles of freedom and Christian morality, which is Liberty.

We expect people in states where the Leftist radicals and their allies have removed the images and memorials of the Confederacy to restore those things to their rightful places on the avenues and within society.  We expect the Leftists and their allies to find themselves in the “dustbins” vacated by our flags and statues!

Over time, with God’s help, My Dixie expects to be a leading force in restoring Original Intent and State’s Rights.

Join with us.  Pray for us.  Pray for yourselves and our republic.  The blessing of God that we all need is not one that He would grant to the unrepentant and immoral.