Our Mission

The Dixie Allianceā„¢, which maintains the MyDixie website, is committed to gaining widespread understanding and support for the principles of Liberty (freedom linked to morality), Original Intent of the U.S. Constitution, as our Founding Fathers defined it, and the Confederate States of America and its symbols, memorials, and flags, wherever they appear in an honorable and historically accurate manner.

Generally, we can work with any person or group that adheres to Christian principles and conduct, anywhere in America, to attain any of these objectives:

  • Create an understanding of the principles of Liberty at the public and governmental level.
  • Restore the Original Intent of the U.S. Constitution, as America’s Founding Fathers designed it.
  • Create a truthful public impression of the Confederate States of America, which left the Union in order to maintain constitutionally limited government (freedom) and morality when the forces of special interest and immorality began to divert the federal government from those principles.
  • Defeat the battle plans of the Left and left-leaning Republicans to further destroy the U.S. Constitution, morality, and the reputation of the men and women who gave their treasure and lives to preserve Liberty, including the men and women of the Confederate States of America.
  • Defeat all the forces of evil, especially those of the Left-wing media and the Hate groups, that survive by promoting division and strife where little or none exist, and by exploiting ignorance and immorality for their own Far Left purposes.