July 2015– Though it’s been only 14 years since the Mississippi people voted to retain our present flag, lukewarm politicians and the Leftist media are trying to cram a new design down our throats.  (Download Flag Fight History)

The Flag Haters want to redesign the Mississippi Flag because it includes the Battle Flag of the Confederate States of America.  My colleagues and I contend that the Battle Flag represents excellent principles that are more appropriate now than they have ever been.  We say that the current Mississippi Flag should be retained and flown at every home and property in the state.

There are many reasons why people love the Confederate Battle Flag and its inclusion in the Mississippi Flag.

A few of the many reasons follow…

The Battle Flag represents State’s Rights, a term that represents the letter and spirit of the U.S. Constitution, as explained by America’s Founding Fathers.  Original Intent is another term that means approximately the same thing, namely that, in creating the United States, each state delegated only certain limited and enumerated powers to the federal government, and withheld all remaining powers for themselves, individually.  The term “Original Intent” was coined long ago to represent the U.S. Constitution’s true meaning as expressed by the document’s authors and the states that agreed to accept it as a contract that would bind them unless they withdrew from it.  In other words, Original Intent is the only honest way to interpret and apply the U.S. Constitution.

In the Constitution, each state agreed that it would not encroach on the powers of the other states or on the powers of the federal government they created. Likewise, the federal government was prohibited from encroaching on the powers of each state.  Any action by federal or state government that violates Original Intent is “unconstitutional”.  It has been estimated that approximately 80% of federal actions and court decisions are unconstitutional— out of harmony with the letter and spirit (Original Intent) of the U.S. Constitution.

Limiting the power of the federal government to a few specific things was the result of our Founders’ and the public’s Christian-based understanding of the depravity (sin nature) of man and the very nature of freedom itself: The essence of freedom (a free domain) is the limitation of government.  Any power granted to, or confiscated by, government has the potential to reduce the freedom that remains with the people.  George Washington expressed the concept very well: “Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force!  Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”  (Download Proofs of Original Intent)

Because the people of each state voluntarily created and joined the United States, under the terms of the U.S. Constitution outlined above, they were free to withdraw, as they had done in 1776 when they seceded from Britain.

Beginning in 1860, the Southern States began to secede from the United States.  They formed the Confederate States of America because they felt they could maintain constitutionally limited government better by being on their own than by staying in the Union.

When the federal government pressed the Northern States into an army and invaded the South, the War Between the States erupted.  The Yankees called the Southerners “Rebels”, though the true rebels were the federal invaders.  Over time though, many Southerners accepted the name and became proud of it.  Hence, the Battle Flag became the Rebel Flag, and it was displayed in grand style at Ole Miss and elsewhere.

The federal government that once crushed the South is now crushing democratic state and local government, and crushing freedom and morality (Liberty) in the process.  The federal government claims that it is a “Global Force for Good”.  If true, why is it a Domestic Force for Evil?  Time and events have proven that the South was right, as the satanic tendencies of the federal government have become increasingly ugly and obvious.  The federal government has become a den of master criminals who invent evil, inflict it, and spy on everyone in search of opponents they can punish with IRS audits and the like.

It is ironic that the people who represent the Original Intent of the U.S. Constitution would be called “Rebels”, but such is the case in our republic, where good has become bad, and bad is now good.  What an amazing propaganda feat the enemies of freedom and morality have achieved in deluding the masses and taking control of culture and government!  So be it, then, we are  Rebels, in the spirit of 1776 and 1860!

We are Rebels, then, when we insist on our God-given right to freely associate with whomever we please in our private lives and business affairs, without federal interference.

We are Rebels, then, when we refuse to bake wedding cakes and pizzas for homosexual celebrations.

We are Rebels, then, when we are pastors and judges who defy unconstitutional federal mandates to perform marriage ceremonies for homosexuals, though God compels us and our state constitutions allow us to refuse.

We are Rebels, then, when we speak of  the differences between races, cultures, and groups, but we’ve done no wrong.  The apostle Paul recognized the differences when he spoke about the people of Crete in the book of Titus.  God himself noted the differences many times.  Remember Sodom and Gomorrah, for example.

We are Rebels, then, when we want state and local control over law enforcement, instead of unconstitutional federal control purchased through grants and subsidies designed to coerce the police so they won’t know who to shoot and who to protect when the Feds try to confiscate our guns or perpetrate some other tyrannical act upon our neighbors.

We are Rebels, then, when we want America’s military to defend our borders against the illegal immigration invasion, instead of being forced to fight hateful enemies created by federal meddling all over the world.

We are Rebels, then, when we want to preserve the U.S. Constitution and restore State’s Rights and Original Intent, rather than rewrite the Constitution, as so many traitors in the Republican Party and elsewhere, are literally attempting to do.

Those people who want to redesign the Mississippi Flag and put the Battle Flag into a dustbin have offered many reasons for their betrayal.  Their reasons are like a tainted buffet for the simple, the ignorant, and the cowardly: “Pick your poison— all you care to eat,” they say, but regardless of the reason, to haul down our flags is to sell our birthright and appease the enemies of freedom and morality.  In return for our appeasement, we’d get nothing that we can’t live without.  On the other hand, appeasement would certainly lead to a follow-up attack on other things that the Left and the black supremacists hate about the South and America.  As one of their spokeswomen said on a Jackson television news program after they lost 14 years ago, “We won’t be satisfied until we have everything.”  We’ve lost a lot already.  The Leftist threat to seize all the good things that remain should motivate us all, black and white, to join the Fight for the Flags.  The cause of the South has become the cause of all people who love freedom and morality.

We Rebels say to the Flag Haters: Drop your plans to rush a redesign of the Mississippi Flag through the legislature and stop slandering the Confederate Battle Flag.

Author: Ray H. Shores