Part 1 —
Initiative 58
Initiative 58 is the first step toward amending the Mississippi Constitution to recognize our current flag as the state’s official flag.   If approximately 86,000 certified petition signatures are presented to the Secretary of State by November 2016, the people can vote to amend the state Constitution in the election of November 2018 (step two).

Why Vote Again?
People ask, “Why do we have to vote, again?” Answer: Amending the constitution adds a layer of protection for our current flag, because the legislature would not be able to change it by a simple majority vote. A counter-amendment would be required to change the flag.

The 1894 Miss. Flag Opposes Progressivism
The Left, and those under their influence, have stepped up their efforts to force “Progressivism” upon Mississippi (and all of America, for that matter): Christian pastors must perform marriage ceremonies for homosexuals; public schools must expand efforts to push anti-Christ attitudes and ideas; Christianity itself must become evermore shallow and defeatist-minded; the “haves” must increase subsidies to the “have-nots”, the lazy, and a host of Socialist activities; Hollywood must find ways to peddle more sexual perversion and lies masquerading as history; the news media must work the clenched-fist radicals to a fever pitch, while destroying the fighting spirit of the decent people; and all imagery and symbols of resistance to Progressivism must be eliminated. Since the Mississippi flag contains a symbol of resistance, namely the Cross of St. Andrews depicted by the Confederate battle flag, the Left hates it. To the Left, the Rebels are still holding Vicksburg, as long as long as the current (1894) flag of Mississippi is flying!

Summer Surprise Attack
In the summer of 2015, the Left, with the cooperation of Left-leaning Republicans, launched a surprise attack on the principles and symbols of the Confederate States of America. The 1894 flag of Mississippi became one of many targets.  Speaker of the Mississippi House, Republican Philip Gunn, publicly declared his willingness to work with the Left to replace the 1894 flag with a new design. He is offering our flag to the Left as an olive branch of appeasement, but in reality he is casting “pearls before swine” that intend to trample every good thing under their hooves.

Since the summer of 2015, a number of misguided people and weak Christian leaders and educators have expressed support for the anti-flag agenda of Speaker Gunn and the Left.

The Counter-attack
But also in the summer of 2015, many good people of the Right began to organize a counter-attack. Eleven men, including your author, formed a group that is now known as the Dixie Alliance™ (

Other organizations were also formed or expanded, including the following, which can be found on Facebook: Flags Up Mississippi, Keep the Flag, Use Your Vote, Magnolia State Heritage Campaign, Mid-south Flaggers, Mississippi On Guard, Save The Flag MS, etc. Visit, especially if you are an Ole Miss Rebel.

Concurrently that summer, several people, many of whom were members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (, were working to design a “big gun” to meet the challenge of Phil Gunn and the Left. They created Ballot Initiative 58, but roadblocks at the Attorney General’s office stymied their efforts for a month or so. Enter Rafael Sanchez of McComb. Sanchez already had an online petition page supporting our flag. The designers of Initiative 58 had heard about Sanchez, so they asked him to become a sponsor and help gain approval for Initiative 58. With the help of Sanchez, the group succeeded. The big gun is built. Now, we must load it and fire it. Help us load the big gun by gathering sheets and sheets of signatures on the petition insert. When you run out of petitions, go to or phone 877-My-Dixie to order more.

Part 2–
No More Compromises

The people of Mississippi have already compromised in too many ways with the Left. Yet, the Left now demands another compromise: They want Mississippians to surrender their flag. But would that compromise satisfy the Left’s thirst for power? Consider: When Mississippians refused to surrender their flag in 2001, one of the Left’s very own representatives declared in a Jackson television interview that the Left would never be satisfied until they “have everything.” The Left’s thirst for power under the banner of Progressivism is unquenchable, but “Progressivism” is a euphemism for Socialism, immorality, and the propaganda and tyranny required to enforce it. In short, Progressivism is Hell on earth.

Original Intent of the U.S. Constitution
The Confederate battle flag and other symbols of the Confederate States of America represent resistance to Progressivism and support for Liberty (freedom linked to morality), which found expression through the words and actions of America’s Founders and the U.S. Constitution they created– a concept known as “Original Intent”. Later, when the federal government began to disregard Original Intent, the Southern States declared independence.

A component of Original Intent that was widely held during America’s Founding Era was the conviction that a person’s rights could be identified in God’s word and in His creation. In other words, rights must be granted by God, not by government. (So-called “rights” granted by government would only be favors and privileges, which government could rescind.) Government, itself, has no rights; however, people can delegate power to government to protect and enforce their God-given rights. Such delegated powers would be privileges granted to the government by the people, who could later rescind them.

Another component of Original Intent was the widely understood consensus that the powers delegated to the federal government are few and are strictly limited to only those that are plainly expressed in the U.S. Constitution and its amendments. Federal power is strictly limited because men administer government, and men have sinful (depraved) natures, so any delegated powers must be severely limited; otherwise, the federal government could become tyrannical, since military powers and capabilities are delegated to it and since history demonstrates that central governments tend to overreach their delegated power and authority.

Under Original Intent, the power to mold culture and society is prohibited to the federal government, but retained by individuals and their associations and institutions, including the church and local and state government. The wisdom of the Founder’s Original Intent (of the U.S. Constitution) is that, generally, it promotes harmony among states, people, and cultural groups, because the federal government is prevented from forcing coast-to-coast conformity in moral arenas where people disagree.

Under Original Intent, Mississippi is free to be Christian, and Vermont is free to be Socialist, and the federal government can do nothing about it. People can change residence to the places that suit them best. God’s blessings, time and patience would then approve or disapprove state and local policies.

All of the foregoing Christian concepts electrified people in Colonial America!

In 1860, the South still cherished the Christian concepts of Original Intent, but those concepts were waning in the Northeast, where communism and other evils were rising, along with hatred of the South. Just as America’s Founders declared independence from Great Britain when they foresaw increasing evil by remaining unequally yoked, the Southern States declared independence in order to maintain Christian-style civilization in Dixie, at least.

Time and events have proven that the South Was Right, as the federal government has indeed become a tyrannical force of evil in our own day, even though Original Intent is still the law of the land. The public’s ignorance of the Christian concepts of Original Intent, combined with Leftist propaganda and subversion under the banner of Progressivism, is the culprit.

The Confederate battle flag is the banner of Christian Patriots who love Original Intent and Liberty (freedom linked to morality). It should be flown from every pole and porch in America. Certainly, it should be retained on Mississippi’s flag. Spiritually, Vicksburg is still ours as long as the 1894 flag of Mississippi is waving. Let’s hold Vicksburg and use it for further operations in the Cause of Original Intent and Jesus Christ.

Author: Ray Shores, May 2016
Component of Media Release, May 2016