May 2016– Though it has been approximately 15 years since the Mississippi people overwhelmingly voted to retain our present flag, the Left is determined to replace it.  They want to replace our meaningful flag with one that, on the surface, would appear neutral (meaningless) and acceptable to the radicals under the Left’s control and to the weak-minded under the Left’s influence.  Of course, the Left regards the opinions of people not under their control or influence as retrogressive and in need of corrective progressive indoctrination.

Recently, the Clarion-Ledger in Jackson sponsored a “Mississippi State Flag Design Contest.”  Later, several winning designs were published, along with this statement: “Our goal is not to pick an overall design as part of any campaign but to start a discussion about what kind of banner would be representative of all Mississippians.”  In other words, the Clarion-Ledger is definitely campaigning to replace our flag through agitation and propaganda.
The contest winners did design some pretty, neutral flags.  One might say that they are more than neutral: They are neutered… superficially, at least.  To the Left, however, the new flags are far from neutral or neutered. The success of any “wannabe” flag in replacing our current flag would be a victory for the Left and its anti-Christian, pro-Socialist agenda.  The new flag would serve as a victory symbol for progressivism— a mile marker on the progressive road to tyranny and immorality that the Left mistakes for  utopia.  The rest of us would curse the day we lost our flag— the day we lost our symbol of Liberty (freedom tied to morality).

Our Flag Stand Stands for Liberty
The Confederate Battle Flag and the Saltire or “X” on the Mississippi flag was patterned on the flags of Scotland, England and the St. Andrews Cross.  The Scots used the St. Andrews Cross to represent resistance to tyranny.

The Confederate Battle Flag was not only flown by the military forces of the Confederate States of America, but it was also flown over a century later by the newly freed people of Germany when the Berlin wall was torn down.  A few years later, Christian Croats flew it to proclaim the death of     Communism.

The St. Andrews Cross has been used for centuries as a symbol of resistance to invaders and as a symbol of hope against tyranny.  Is it any wonder that the Left hates the Confederate Battle Flag and the Mississippi flag?

The Left Creates Division
The Left (including the Clarion-Ledger) is making our flag divisive through a well-orchestrated “agit-prop” campaign:  They urge people who are under their control or influence to take an specific course of action.  In our case, the urging is to switch flags.  The “agit” or agitation component works on the emotions of the target audience; it creates continual pressure for change; it can create anxiety and stress; it can lead to protests, demonstrations, boycotts, strikes, and even violence.  The “prop” or propaganda component works on the target audience’s ability to reason and think logically; it fills the mind with lies and half-truths so that faulty conclusions are reached.  Agit-prop is a form of brainwashing that leads to outcomes desired by the Left.  It was     officially created and deployed by the Communist Party.

Switching Flags Won’t Stop Them
Why should our flag be offered on the altar of appeasement to the Left and their followers?

As you might recall, a spokesman for the Left stated on a Jackson television news program after they lost the Flag Fight in 2001, “We won’t be satisfied until we have everything.”  The supporters of freedom and morality have lost a lot of ground to the Left over the years.  The Left’s threat to seize all the good things that remain should motivate every God-loving person, black and white alike, to sign the Ballot Initiative 58 petition, order extra petition blanks (see form below), and collect signatures from everyone possible!

Honorable people should meet the Leftist threat to our flag with this      attitude: “I’d rather fight than switch!”

The Goal of Initiative 58
Ballot Initiative 58, and the petition drive supporting it, is the first step toward establishing the current flag of Mississippi as the official state flag through an amendment to the state Constitution.  If we present approximately 86,000 certified petition signatures to the Secretary of State by November 2016, the people (voters) would be allowed to amend the Constitution in the November 2018 election (step two).

Amending the constitution would make it difficult for the Left to remove our flag.  If the current flag becomes the official flag through a constitutional amendment, only a counter-amendment could remove it, rather than a simple majority vote in the House and Senate.

If we fail to get the petition signatures we need, our current flag would not be automatically removed, but it would remain in danger from the Left.
Fight, Don’t Switch!
To find local contacts that can supply petitions and work with you to save the flag, visit  Fight and defeat the Left by gathering sheet after sheet of petitions to save our flag!

Author: Ray Shores