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Ally your organization with Flags Across Mississippi™ & we could all win.  We have contracted with a marketing company to assist your pro-flag & pro-Liberty organization, along with us.  Some of the ways we can work together are shown below:

  • Advertise Flags Across Mississippi™ on your group’s website.
  • Engage in cooperative advertising campaigns about our flag & Liberty.
  • Work together to…
    • create, publish & distribute printed material;
    • distribute our articles & press releases;
    • host public & private events;
    • make our websites the best they can be;
    • drive traffic to our websites;
    • make social media attain tangible objectives;
    • organize letter-to-the-editor campaigns;
    • send thousands of e-mails & letters to elected officials;
    • put our people & perspective on talk radio programs.

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