Activist Resources

People who love freedom & morality must work to preserve it.

Help Us With The Media

Click here for the Mississippi Newspaper and Magazine Directory.

Write or assist with articles for publication.

  1. Our Public Relations Team is writing articles for publication, but they need your help.
  2. Click here to see a list of subjects for which we want articles & research.
  3. Click here to download Microsoft Word templates that will ensure the correct size of your articles for publication purposes.
  4. See Educational Resources for reliable information to assist you.

Write letters to newspaper editors.

  1. Select your subject. Reliable information is available on our site.
  2. Make a list of important points.  Make one or two points per letter.  Send multiple letters, if necessary.
  3. Use short quotes from outside sources to prove your points.  If a subject is “controversial”, Biblical & historical references are essential.
  4. Write the first draft.  Ask a friend to proof-read it for clarity, conciseness, and grammar.
  5. Write the final version.
  6. Mail it to one or more newspapers or magazines.
  7. Send us a copy. We might convert it into an article for mass distribution.

Persuade newspaper editors to publish our articles & media releases.

    1. If people in the local community request it, newspapers & magazines will publish articles that are favorable to freedom, morality, and the South.
    2. Dixie Alliance™ is continually sending media releases and columns to newspapers & magazines.  Some are being published; some are not.
    3. You & your friends should phone & write to the media to request that they publish our articles & press releases. Click here to see available articles.


Help Us With Government Officials

Send copies of our articles & your “letters to the editor” to government officials.

Tell government officials to respect the principles, monuments, images & flags of the Confederate States of America.

  • The C.S.A. was the champion of Original Intent.
  • Only when evil influences in the federal government became a significant threat to Original Intent, did the people of the South declare independence & ultimately unite to create the C.S.A.

Tell your state officials to demand federal adherence to  the Original Intent of the U.S. Constitution.

  • If Original Intent is not respected, the federal government will continue to destroy freedom & morality (Liberty).
  • Learn about Original Intent, apply your knowledge to current events, especially the illegal federal actions, and tell state officials to defend the state & its people against federal tyranny.

Tell state officials to reject an Article V Constitutional Convention and other convention designed to re-make the U.S. Constitution, including a convention in support of the Liberty Amendments.  Think…

  • Before you studied our material about Original Intent, did you understand the U.S. Constitution?  Do your friends understand it?
  • If the Liberty Amendments are truly good, under today’s cultural climate & Left-wing media dominance, what chance do they have of being added to the U.S. Constitution?
  • Is the attempt to pass the Liberty Amendments worth the risk of having the U.S. Constitution completely re-written?
  • Can a people who have elected mediocre Republicans & Left-wing Democrats to Congress & the White House create a better constitution than we already have?
  • Could a Constitutional Convention escape a media-driven effort to grant enormous powers—powers currently un-Constitutional– to the federal government under a new or revised U.S. Constitution?
  • Despite the power limits imposed by our current U.S. Constitution, the federal government is almost completely out of control.  Is freedom & morality more likely to be respected under a revised Constitution that would give the federal government almost limitless power, or under our current Constitution that severely limits federal power (though Americans fail to understand or enforce it).
  • Read about Original Intent.
  • Read about the drive to re-write the U.S. Constitution.