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Initiative 58 & the Miss. Flag Fight

Part 1 -- Initiative 58 Initiative 58 is the first step toward amending the Mississippi Constitution to recognize our current flag as the state’s official flag.   If approximately 86,000 certified petition signatures are presented to the Secretary of State by November...

1894 Flag of Miss., A Symbol of Hope

January 2016--  What does the Mississippi flag mean to you?  That was my question in search of answers concerning the recent unrest over the flag.  The most prominent reasons given by those who want to change the flag are:  (1) It is divisive; (2) it doesn’t represent...

Rep. Philip Gunn Challenged to Debate

July 2015-- Mississippi House Speaker, Philip Gunn, joins the chorus of the Left, Democrats, and weak Republicans to redesign the state flag of Mississippi because it contains imagery of the Confederate Battle Flag.  Read more. Rep. Gunn, members of the Mississippi...